Metal Packaging Analysis

Metal Packaging Analysis

Metal Ambalaj Analizleri

Metal packaging is used especially for foods that are used in canned food, which are more affected by environmental factors and can be used for long-term storage.

Products such as cheese, olives, corn, and peas are the products in which tin packaging is used the most.

Metal Packaging Tests:

- Biotest
- Can polish integrity
- Checks against specifications
- Determination of compound liner weight distribution
- Determination of vacuum in boxes
- Drop test
- Paint penetration test
- Elemental analysis
- Headspace gas analysis
- Lacquer adhesion test
- Lacquer weight determination
- Leak test of boxes
- Plate thickness
- Ring tensile analysis of easy open ends
- Seam section / double seam evaluation
- Sidewall and vertical axis strength test
- Torque test

In our laboratories serving in many parts of Turkey, "Metal Packaging Analysis" is carried out with TÜRKAK accreditation based on international standards, test methods and relevant legal regulations.

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