Plastic Packaging Analysis

Plastic Packaging Analysis

Plastik Ambalaj Analizleri

Today, the most used packaging material is plastic, due to its cheapness and ease of use. It is the type of packaging that we see most often on the market shelves, especially in single-use packaging.

Plastic Packaging Tests

- Adhesive bond strength test
- Biotest
- Burst test
- Coefficient of friction (CoF) test
- Compliance with dimensional and material properties
- Drop test
- Paint penetration test
- Inspection of glass and plastics under polarized light
- Internal pressure resistance
- Oxygen transmission velocity (OTR) and water vapor transmission velocity (WVTR) test
- Peel test
- Pendulum impact test
- Tear resistant
- Tensile and T-peel test
- Push test
- Torque test
- Vacuum / bubble emission test

Our laboratories serving in many parts of Turkey are based on TÜRKAK accreditation, international standards, test methods, and relevant legal regulations. "Plastic Packaging Analysis" is carried out. You Can Contact Us For All Your Questions and Requests Regarding Plastic Packaging Analysis.